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The technology base industry
The detail with which metallurgy must operate makes this industry an art. Based on coconut shells, COCARBON creates and distributes activated carbons that provide excellent results in terms of speed and loading capacity.

Gold Recovery

Another of COCARBON 's specialties . As the metallurgist saying goes "as long as there is coal, it will be used."

COCARBON activated carbon is the cost-efficient option as it has a significant loading capacity as well as optimal adsorption kinetics, resulting in optimization of recovery by reducing losses and increasing performance.

  • High adsorption capacity (higher load)

  • More efficient desorption

  • Enviable adsorption ratio for high performance

  • Greater hardness to avoid losses and clogging of screens

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Other metals

It is the activated carbon crucial for the metallurgical industry, in addition to gold, it is also used to recover mercury, lead, cadmium and chromium. COCARBON activated carbon for other metals, it is made with biomass and chemically activated, which allows it to provide the necessary acidity to capture more basic metals.

It traps mercury in coal consumption furnaces such as cement furnaces, garbage carbonization furnaces, and general industrial carbonization processes.

We have the activated carbon you need

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