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The industry that filters impurities
They are essential in daily life to eliminate impurities from the water we drink. Although they do not eliminate all impurities but only organic contaminants and some metals, the activated carbon impregnated in these filters enhances their action, ensuring important cleaning.

These filters must be used as the purity of the water between the city treatment plant and the home is not guaranteed, a journey in which the quality and maintenance of pipes play a crucial role.

Removable filters

COCARBON offers loads for common filters, ensuring the best quality of activated carbon at your fingertips.

Water and Glass Purifier

Professional filters

Whether for the refrigerator, for under the spout, for the water inlet into the home, COCARBON offers the appropriate activated carbon for these cases. Made with coconut shells, it guarantees the adsorption of impurities and organic contaminants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) and trihalomethanes from the water, in addition to residual chlorine from treatment plants.

We have the activated carbon you need

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